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About Varied / Hobbyist Member Majątek Ziven Nóż23/Male/Australia Group :iconprojekt-khaoz: Projekt-Khaoz
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All work in this gallery Majatek. None of it is "free for use", and is strictly there to be displayed, not for you to use it unless specified in the submission that is allowed to be used in your own work.

I can voice act the Elites from Halo…

Xbox Live: Majatek


Elsewhere: I used to go by the alias "RamboFox", I have since appealed to my ban and I'm back on deviantArt for good. Unlike previously, I'll be actually doing art and working with communities on various projects, artings and such.

If you push religious/political/racist/homophobic stupidity onto me, you'll simply end up looking like an idiot to me. I do not believe in a "god", so don't bother preaching that crap that I know that scientifically is not plausible. And as for politics, in the end we're all voting for someone to screw over the future for us, and that misconceptions about other people just because they look different doesn't mean that they're out to snatch up your babies. And as for sexuality, who the hell cares. If you're screaming across the internet that you hate gays, then fine, it's not going to change anything, haha.

Additionally if I ever face you in a console VS PC war, just don't. Consoles are limited to outdated hardware straight off the bat.

Random Favourites

Notice: I hardly comment when I favourite, not because I'm lazy when it comes to thinking up something to post, but rather when I see something that I truly find amazing, as a result there's nothing to say about it. I am a critic by nature, and if I can't criticize a particular piece of art, be thankful that I haven't posted any comments because that's practically saying that in my eyes your piece of art is perfect.

If I were to comment however it would typically be critique, and due to the nature of criticism I'd be pointing out portions of the piece of art that I find bothersome, or incomplete, and as a result I will often not favourite pieces that I critique because I won't find them perfect.


seiklus 2 by Majatek
seiklus 2
just working things out with spriting and backgrounds :dummy:
Thanks to several things going on in my life (having to care after a friend's family and whatnot) and not having proper internet/landline connection for over two months now (thanks to the telecommunications companies being complete stuffups) AND being a moderator on the Bugbear forums (helping out the community wherever I can!) I haven't really been able to do much if anything.

You can check out the community over here!
The community is built around NCG - otherwise known as "Next Car Game" (working title) - you can get it from here:

Next Car Game is about rusting old bangers, brawling it out on highly-chaotic circuits and destructible just-about-everything!

Towards the end of this year however I should have more free time for everything. If I'm not playing my newly purchased Wii-U, however. :>

The following games are what I'm looking forward to getting (mostly the PS4 and Wii-U but also the Xbox One eventually)!
Bullet; Black Splatoon
Bullet; Black Yoshi's Woolly World
Bullet; Black Ori and the Blind Forest
Bullet; Black Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Bullet; Black The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Bullet; Black Alien: Isolation
Bullet; Black The Crew
Bullet; Black No Man's Sky
Bullet; Black The Division

Add me on the Playstation and Nintendo networks (I'll only be accepting friends for sake of knowing who you guys are, sorry)! I'm Majatek on both. :meow:


Majątek Ziven Nóż
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I specialize in audio design, working with sprites (refer to 8-bit gaming) and several of my hobbies include using Zbrush to model stuff in virtual clay, scripting and working on games and gaming engines of various levels of variety including physics, alternate methods of implementing user input, and generally finding out new ways of optimizing projects to be faster, cleaner in terms of code, and smoother when tested on inferior systems.
In short: I work with practically all digital mediums, and given some time I can learn new and exciting digital frontiers for not only personal gain, but also to help others with often freeware and opensourced projects.

I may appear as a really serious guy - I'm actually much more than just someone who criticizes everything and everyone. I help out friends where I can. I support various events and groups. I listen to broad range of genres that include 8-bit "chiptunes" (stylized as module music), classical and various electronic/electronica musics riddled with a bit of pop, dubstep and a little soft rock sprinkled here and there. I've been there when Hanson gained popularity, enjoyed worn out classics like like the Hamster Dance, and have even danced to a couple of tracks from Ke$ha when my sister hosted her birthdays. You could say I have an odd taste in everything. I like to say that I have a broad taste of likes.

As such I don't have a single particular style of direction, thus I am very flexible when it comes to working with audio. Many times I have been noted to pick the right music track for any particular machinima. But this is also my vice - I don't have a direction to point myself towards, which often results in loss of interest in work. Thus, my constant battle with procrastination is an ongoing problem.

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